Joe Rogan sweating it out in the sauna. Joe contracted COVID-19 and took Ivermectin.

I’m going to try to answer the question in the title at the beginning here as far as why I think conspiracy theorists and others are rallying in support of the pharmaceutical drug ivermectin, despite the fact that most scientists, medical professionals and politicians are cautioning against its use for treatment of COVID-19 symptoms: it’s simply because of the fact that these authority figures approve of its use, that many opposed to mainstream opinions are leaping to the drug’s defense. And that’s really the only reason. …

Chillaxing at Dickenson Beach, Antigua.

I ended my summer of traveling around Europe in Ireland, where I spent eight days, exploring Dublin as well as renting a car and driving around the beautiful island nation. From there I decided to head west back towards home in the United States.

I booked a direct flight from Dublin to New York City, unsure whether I would stop there for a little while or else fly somewhere else. After doing a bit of research on flights as well as Covid restrictions for various Caribbean islands, I settled on the island nation of Antigua & Barbuda. There was a…

Thessaloniki, Greece in August 2021.

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel of the fascinating underground salt mines that I visited near Krakow, Poland:

The next video I posted after that was from Dublin, Ireland, in which I referenced my past week of traveling around Ireland with a rental car:

So one day I’m deep in a Polish salt mine…and the next I’m wandering randomly around Dublin, talking about how awesome Ireland is, with no videos in between.

Some people were understandably confused. I posted a comment below that video of Dublin trying to fill in the gaps. …

Following is the beginning of a book I’m in the process of writing about a real-life experience that took place in northern California in September of 2016. I started writing it last year, but haven’t worked on it in a while. Who knows when I will finally finish it. So I decided I might as well publish what I’ve written so far for people to take a look.

I was filming the whole thing as it unfolded and made an hour-long movie about the experience, which I posted on my YouTube channel in December of 2016. But that video doesn’t…

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

A friend recently posted on Facebook that the newly disclosed emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci finally confirm that the COVID-19 coronavirus was created in a lab and deliberately transferred to humans as a diabolical plot by the world’s elite to depopulate the planet. This was of course stated in dramatic fashion with lots of exclamation points, along with a photo of her partying with friends in Tulum, Mexico.

The implication was clear: It’s all a conspiracy to control you, don’t buy into it, it’s a fabricated hoax, just live your life and have fun as if it doesn’t exist.


Logic matters. Especially in politics. People who are on the wrong side of reason often use bad logic to justify their conclusions and thus their actions. And when you’re in a position of political power, actions based on bad logic can be harmful to people. Take Hitler and the Nazis. …

Image courtesy of

I have a travel channel on YouTube, Gabriel Traveler, where I document my adventures around the globe. One of the challenges you have to deal with as a digital nomad is the erratic availability and, more importantly, speeds of wi-fi in different parts of the world. Generally I post videos every day or two. But I just posted my first video in a week due to an adventure, you could say (if you were a glass-half-full type of person), in slow internet. Here’s the full story…

A little over two weeks ago I flew from Skopje, the capital of North…

Gabriel Morris (Gabriel Traveler on Youtube)

Yesterday I posted the following video on my Youtube channel about where Americans can travel right now, even as the coronavirus pandemic is escalating:

Note: If you can’t see the video here, you can search for it on Youtube. The title is: “Where Can Americans Travel in 2020? Info & Tips”

In the video I don’t reveal where I am, because I was planning to post another video about the journey getting there and I wanted to keep the location a surprise. …

I’m going to say it right at the beginning: I believe the moon landings did happen, just as the government and the astronauts say they did, just as the countless photos and videos show. There’s no conspiracy. This one isn’t even debatable. The mountain of evidence that is publicly available is as solid as it could possibly be to prove that the moon landings happened.

But I can hear the responses of many in the conspiracy movement already:

Gabriel Morris

Gabriel is a world traveler, adventure junkie, outdoors lover, published author of seven books and YouTube travel video creator at Gabriel Traveler.

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